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  • Is Club Magiemos only for professional magicians?
    No. Both professional and amateur magicians can participate in the Club.
  • Is the Club face-to-face or virtual?
    Virtual. The meetings are held by Zoom. During the week, Club members exchange ideas through a closed WhatsApp group and participate through the page's discussion forums. On the page you will also find access to the video libraries of tutorials and mini-conferences.
  • Is registration to the Club expensive?
    NO. The fee price is designed so that the benefit you receive is much higher than the cost. Check the payment plans here.
  • How do I sign up for the Magiemos Club?
    You can do it through PayPal or MercadoLibre Echoose the membership you prefer
  • Do you accept offline payments?
    This option is only available for residents of Argentina. In this case, contact us so we can guide you through the process.
  • When are the weekly meetings?
    Currently there are 2 meeting groups, which respond to the comfort of the members and the various time zones. WEDNESDAY 4pm (Argentina/Uruguay/Bolivia/Brazil) 2 pm (Chile/Peru/Ecuador) 9pm (Spain/Italy) THURSDAY 10pm (Argentina/Uruguay/Bolivia/Brazil) 8 pm (Chile/Peru/Ecuador) 10am (Australia)
  • Are they magic classes?
    No. Although Club Magiemos proposes both a collaborative and individual learning space; It's very different from taking classes. Here the concepts are elaborated and built collectively. The role of teacher is taken by whoever has the greatest expertise on the subject being analyzed. Hernán Maccagno is the one who guides the general process.
  • Is Hernán Maccagno in the meetings?
    Yes. Hernán guides and coordinates each of the meetings.
  • Are Magiemos Club meetings recorded?
    No. Only the segments that the partners agree to record at each meeting are recorded. The entire meeting is never recorded.
  • What is the use of being a member of the club?
    Mainly to learn more and perfect yourself. There are several ways to take advantage of your membership. You have at your disposal a collection of tutorial videos to play as many times as you want that include step-by-step explanation of games, specific techniques, construction of materials, etc. The platform has a very interesting system for taking personal notes that maximizes your time. In the Club meetings we work collaboratively based on the interests of the members who propose the topics of study, research or debate; always linked to magic. Joint research and analysis is often much richer and more expeditious than solo work.
  • Can I not participate in the meetings?
    Yes. Club membership gives you access to both filmed material and live encounters, then you decide what to do and how to use it.
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